A Team Building includes a series of training activities, the purpose of which is the formation of a group of people. Companies usually use this activity when they are in front of a small group or when the group is in crisis or when it is under stress or simply does not get the expected results. The objectives of a corporate Team Building can be many: to make people aware of each other, to stimulate collaboration, to build interpersonal relationships, to create a relationship of trust and esteem among collaborators, to develop creativity, to work for objectives, etc. Team Building can be mainly of two types: Ludic or Trainer (or both). A training project usually has the objective of creating awareness within the group (awareness of company values, of the mission, etc.), on the other hand a ludic project generates a real experience. A Team Building can therefore be "experiential" and consequently generate learning, both specific to corporate problems and to "problem solving" processes. For this reason we are convinced that our Team Building proposal fully reflects all the prerogatives that this type of activity should have